4 Types of Street Food You Must Try in Mumbai, India

Mumbai street food
Mumbai street food. Image by stockimagefactory.com/Depositphotos

Getting hungry is easy while exploring Mumbai, India. Once you get lost in the city’s vibrant streets and attractions, you’ll lose track of time and won’t even notice that hours have passed since your last meal. Luckily, dealing with an empty stomach is even easier here.

Mumbai has a diverse street food culture with food stalls on every corner offering all sorts of mouthwatering dishes for an affordable price. Here are the ones you should try during your visit.

Vada Pav

Vada pav often tops the most popular street food lists in Mumbai and India. It consists of a potato dumpling stuffed between two slices of bread and garnished with chutney and green chili peppers.


Indians love Panipuri because it’s delicious and perfect for snacking on the go. The dish starts out as round puri bread that is then filled with various ingredients like chickpeas, potatoes, and chutney.  


If you need a more filling meal than Bhelpuri might be just the thing for you. Made out of puffed rice and veggies and garnished with tamarind sauce, the dish is particularly popular on and around Mumbai beaches.


Those that have room left for dessert should try Kulfi. This dairy treat is often referred to as Indian ice cream and is famous for its dense and creamy texture.