5 Benefits of Using Public Transportation to Travel to the Airport

Bus to Airport
Photo by Igor Starkov on Unsplash

Arriving at the airport often feels like a huge hassle, but you can make things a little bit easier by using public transportation. Traveling to the airport on trains and buses comes with a long list of surprising benefits that never crossed your mind, starting with these five.


Reaching the airport usually doesn’t come cheap, but using public transportation is definitely the most cost-effective way to get there, especially if you’re traveling on a low budget.

Avoiding Tourist Traps

Private airport transportation and tourist traps come hand in hand, and shady taxi drivers will often charge you extra when they notice you’re not a local, but you won’t have to deal with this problem when you’re using public transportation.


If you’re concerned about the carbon footprint that you’re leaving behind by flying, you can make things a little bit better by using public transportation once you reach your destination since it’s the most eco-friendly option.

Accessible & Reliable

Most major cities have a well-established public transportation system with a reliable schedule, offering trains and buses that usually depart from the major tourist hubs.

Relaxing Time

Using public transportation is a great way to avoid the traffic and parking hustle, and it offers an opportunity for relaxation since you can read, listen to music, answer your texts and emails, or simply enjoy the scenery during your ride.