5 Common Myths About Booking Flights

Photo by Jaimie Harmsen on Unsplash

When booking flights, we’re always looking for the cheapest, most convenient options and we often end up spending tons of hours searching for airfare. We’ve all heard our fair share of tips for getting the best prices on flights, but which ones of these are actually true? Here are the most common myths about booking flights, so you don’t fall into these traps again.

Myth 1: Search Incognito

Sure, we know that companies use cookies to track our online habits, so why wouldn’t airlines track us? There’s actually no evidence that airlines or booking companies change the prices if you look at the same routes again. Prices change throughout the day based on demand, not by your browsing history.

Myth 2: Book on Tuesday

In the past, airline used to make it cheaper to fly on Tuesdays, but this isn’t happening anymore. The pricing is determined by historical and current demand, seasons, weather, and events.

Myth 3: There’s a Perfect Time to Book

Airfares don’t change that much until about 21 days before a flight as 21 days before a flight is considered last-minute, so the prices rise. The best time to book is usually two to three months ahead.

Myth 4: Websites Can’t Predict Prices

Websites that predict prices are just guessing the prices based on historical pricing and they don’t count for spikes in demand or events that change the prices.

Myth 5: There’s a Best Booking Website

Prices vary from site to site because third-party websites buy tickets in bulk, so you’ll have to search many websites and meta-search engines to get the best price.