5 Dishes You Have to Try in Havana, Cuba

Traditional Cuban food
Image by asimojet/depositphotos

Havana, Cuba’s known for its stunning beaches and gorgeous architecture, but one thing that doesn’t get enough credit is its food. Like most places, there are tons of options and some are better than others. These five dishes are the cities specialties and you don’t want to miss them. If you like spice, you’re in luck!

Ropa Vieja

Cuba’s national dish, the beef literally falls off the bone and it’s simmered in a tomato sauce, green pepper, and onions and served with white rice and fried plantains.

Moros Y Cristianos

Moros Y Cristianos is a classic and it’s black beans that are stewed with white rice and then stuffed inside a pork shoulder. The pork has been marinated with garlic, oregano, and sour orange.


Plantains are a staple in Cuba and these ones are smashed and then fried into cakes and then fried again. They’re crispy and crunchy, making for delicious comfort food.


Tamales are made with freshly ground corn and seasonings and filled with meats or beans and cheese.

Yuca Con Mojo

These firmly cooked cassavas are seasoned and sauteed with bitter orange juice and they taste great with roast pork.