5 Foods to Try on Your Next Midwest Road Trip

Chicago, Illinois
Photo by Matt Antonioli on Unsplash

Ready for a road trip through the Midwest? Well, make sure you bring your appetite along! Here are five quintessential Midwestern foods that you must try to make your trip unforgettable. 

Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza, Illinois

This iconic dish, characterized by its high, flaky crust and generous layers of cheese, toppings, and sauce, is a true representation of Chicago’s rich culinary heritage. 

Juicy Lucy, Minnesota

The Juicy Lucy is a delicious twist on the classic American cheeseburger and a must-try in Minnesota. What sets it apart is the cheese, which is stuffed inside the meat patty instead of being placed on top. 

Detroit-Style Coney Dogs, Michigan

A Detroit-style Coney Dog consists of a beef hot dog nestled in a soft bun, smothered in a savory meat sauce, and topped with yellow mustard and chopped onions. Yum!

Buckeyes, Ohio

Named after the nut from the state’s official tree, these treats are made from a smooth, creamy peanut butter mixture dipped in chocolate, leaving a small circle of peanut butter exposed. 

Pork Tenderloin Sandwich, Indiana

The pork tenderloin sandwich is something of an Indiana institution. This simple yet satisfying dish features a breaded and fried pork cutlet. It’s crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and utterly delicious.