5 Most Beautiful Terrace Fields Worth Visiting

Image via Unsplash

Terrace fields can be seen on hilly or mountainous terrain and they are usually used for farming rice. However, they can be also used for vineyard, olive trees, potatoes, maze and salt cultivation, among other things. We present to you five of the most beautiful terrace fields in the world, which are definitely worth visiting.

Sa Pa, Vietnam

One of the most spectacular rice fields can be found in the Muong Hoa valley between Sa Pa town and the Fansipan Mountain. Beautiful in every season, these rice fields are on the top of the list tourist attraction in Vietnam.

Machu Picchu, Peru

The narrow terraces, rediscovered in 1911 by a Hawaiian historian Hiram Bingham, were constructed from stone blocks. Watered by natural springs, these terraces were made to irrigate native crops of potatoes and corn. Today, in the Lost City of the Incas, there are no growing crops, just breathtaking grassy terraces.

Banaue Rice Terraces, The Philippines

At the Cordilleras mountains at 1,525 meters (5,000 feet) lays this Philippines gem, the Banaue Rice Terraces. For over two millennia, the Ifugao tribes have been producing and harvesting rice on these rice fields. But unfortunately, due to their emigration, there is less and less sown rice.


Douro Valley, Portugal

Portugal, not only famous for its great wines but also for Douro Valley, one of the most beautiful wine terrace fields in Europe. Located close to the city of Porto, Douro Valley’s terrace walls are almost 500 years old. The scenery of the valley with its color changing is glorious all year long.

Salineras de Maras, Peru

In Peru, there aren’t just rice terrace fields, but salt fields as well. This Inca salt pans have been used for centuries. The huge salt slabs are made only by the power of nature: the water leeches from the mountain, then it is evaporated in the sun leaving thick salt deposits.