5 Most Wonderful Caves In The World

Photo: foursummers/Instagram

The stunning works of art below are some of the most beautiful caves in the world.

Hang Son Doong, Vietnam

This is the biggest and one of the most stunning caves in the world. Located in the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park in Quang Binh, the huge cave is still a mystery to the humankind. There was a huge mission in order to explore the cave in 2010. If you ever decide to visit, you will be guided by a professional on your trip inside.


Reed Flute Cave, China

This cave is so popular thanks to the multicolored lighting parts that are a real attraction. It is made of natural limestone, and gets its name from the reeds that grow right at the entrance of the cave. They are later used to make flutes.

The Cave Of Crystals, Mexico

Discovered in 2000, this attraction is without a doubt one of the most beautiful caves in the world. It features a very hot temperature and crystals that can grow as big as 12 meters.

Eisriesenwelt, Austria

The largest ice cave on earth attracts quite an impressive number of tourists every single year. It is a natural limestone creation that expands on 42 km of land.

Luray Caverns, United States

Made of speleothems in many shapes and forms, these caverns are located in Virginia. It is a huge attraction for tourists who can enjoy in the unique experience.