5 Solo Road Trip Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

Woman taking a road trip
Photo by William Christen on Unsplash

Are you ready to take your first solo road trip? How exciting! Solo road trips are really fun because you can have your own adventure without having to rely on others. But before heading out on one, it’s important to do some planning and take extra steps to prepare. These five tips will keep you safe during your road trip so you can enjoy all the views.

Let People Know Your Plans

No matter what, tell someone where you’re going and check in with them when you reach your destination so they know you’ve arrived safely.

Bring Backup Resources

Dead cell phones are the worst, especially on road trips. To prevent this from happening, pack batteries and chargers for your electronics. Also carry backup resources on your devices for important documents like your credit card information, driver’s license, and passport.

Prepare Your Ride

Before heading out on your trip, get your vehicle checked by a mechanic. Make sure the tires are good, the oil is changed, the brakes are checked, the fluids are topped off, and the air conditioning is working.

Pack an Emergency Kit

Pack an emergency kit with first-aid essentials, roadside hazard items, and blankets. Be sure to bring basic tools like a flashlight and jumper cables if your car breaks down.

Bring Food and Water

Make sure you have plenty of non-perishable food and water, in case you go miles without a stop. Be mindful of how much salt you’re eating as it can leave you thirsty and make sure you drink tons of water to stay hydrated.