5 Things You Need To Pack In Your Cat’s Suitcase

Photo by LewisLeighPhotography on Pixabay

Taking your best fur buddy on a traveling adventure can be very fun and memorable. However, if it is your first time going on a trip together, choose carefully the items you need to put into your cat’s suitcase.


Cats are territorial animals, so leaving the house, aka their kingdom, can be extremely stressful and nerve-racking for them. Putting your pet only on a seat and not into a carrier can be very unsafe for you and your cat as well, and it could be trigger anxiety.

Carrier Pads

Put pads in the carrier in case your cat has an accident during the travel. No one wants a dirty and a stinky travelling companion.


A harness is a must if you plan on going on a longer trip. Your cat needs to stretch his legs, just like you do.


To calm your cat, spray the carrier with pheromones. For example, facial pheromones are used by cats to mark places, objects and persons as familiar by rubbing their face on surface. So, if you spray his transporter, he won’t feel as stressful.


Packing vitamins, supplements and medications that your fur buddy uses on a daily bases is important just like bringing food or water.