5 Things You Should Always Pack When Staying at a Hostel

King Kong Hostel, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
King Kong Hostel, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Photo by Marcus Loke on Unsplash

Staying at a hostel comes with a long list of pros and cons, but fancy amenities are not one of their strongest suits. There are many things that your hostel won’t provide free of charge, and here are five that you should always pack before your trip.


Some hostels offer free towels, while others will charge you extra for this service. These fees are sometimes so high that you could easily buy a brand-new towel, so it’s much better to bring your own.


Unlike fancy hotels, most affordable hostels don’t offer free toiletries, so it’s always a good idea to pack your own so you wouldn’t have to buy large packaging at your destination.


Some hostels offer privacy locks for an extra fee while others provide them for free. If you’re not sure what’s the case with yours, pack your lock just in case.

Air Buds

If you’re a light slipper staying at a hostel dorm, bring air buds along so other guests wouldn’t disrupt your sleep. Also, consider packing an eye mask if your bed doesn’t have a privacy curtain.

Flip Flops

The cleanliness of shared bathrooms at hostels may not be up to your standards, so it’s highly recommended to wear flip-flops while using them, even in the shower.