5 Tips and Tricks For Traveling Light This Fall

Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash

Packing light in the summer is all fun and games, but things are a little bit trickier once fall arrives. You’ll be dealing with bulkier clothes and heavier baggage, but there are tips and tricks you can use to lighten your load – starting with these five.

Dress in Layers

Layering up is the no. 1 rule of dressing for changeable fall weather, and it can help you free up a lot of space in your suitcase. Pack items that you can strategically layer together and re-wear during your trip.

Versatile Bottoms

Unlike tops, bottoms can’t easily be layered. Minimize the number of skirts/pants you’re bringing along and make sure you can easily mix and match them with the rest of your clothes.

Jackets & Shoes

Jackets/coats and shoes will take up most space in your suitcase, so consider not packing them at all and only wearing the ones you’re already traveling in.

Neutral Colors

It’s always a good idea to choose a color palette for your trip, no matter what the season. Neutral colors are a popular pick because they allow easy coordination, and they’re an especially great fit for fall.

Doing Laundry

Consider doing laundry during your trip so you can re-wear your outfits. Look for accommodation that offers free laundry services or consider washing your clothes by hand.