5 Tips for Getting to Sleep on a Plane

Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash

Travelling is fun, jet lag is not. If you combine jet lag on an uncomfortable, sleepless night, you can say goodbye to the first day or two of your vacation. Here are five tips to help you get some much needed shut-eye on your flight.

Follow your usual routine

Obviously you can’t do this down to every detail, but you can take elements of your usual bedtime routine and emulate them. If you always read a book before bed, get your book out when it’s time to settle down. Head to the restroom to brush your teeth and do the things that tell your body it is time to sleep.

Bring a pillow

The horse-shoe shaped pillows they sell at airports are actually really handy when it comes to sleeping sitting up. They’re far more comfy than the freebie you’ll get on the plane.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is more powerful than you might think. Bring a little bottle with you on the plane and squeeze a few drops onto your pillow before you sleep. It will have a calming effect and will block out any other distracting smells on the plane.


Make sure you drink plenty of water before your flight to avoid dehydration. A glass of wine might help you get to sleep, but it won’t help you get in the long hours you need.

Skip the movies

Indulging in in-flight entertainment is one of the highlights of flying by plane. If you’re hoping to sleep, however, it’s best to switch off all devices half an hour before you are going to sleep. Over-stimulation from technological screens will likely keep you up.