5 Unusual (And Free!) Things to Do in Athens

Photo by Evan Wise on Unsplash

If you’re in Athens for more than a few days and have hit all the historical sites, you might be wondering what to do next. Here are five unusual attractions you can visit for absolutely free.


Anafiotika is a hidden gem on the North side of the Acropalis. The small streets look like they are going nowhere, but the neighborhood is quaint and lovely. You’ll also run into plenty of cats and get tons of great pictures.

Monastiraki Market

If you love a flea market, head down to Monastiraki Market on a Sunday afternoon for some quirky and unusual finds.

Dromeas Sculpture

The Dromeas sculpture, also called “the runner,” is made of thousands of individual pieces of glass. The sculpture, which took six years to finish, was created by Costas Varotsos.

Roman Tomb in Zara

I love shopping and I love history (in moderation), so the Zara clothing store on Stadiou Street is ideal. The tomb is on display in the basement of the clothing store and is free to visit.

Pittaki Street

Pittaki Street is filled with 150 colorful lamps, perfect for bright and cheery photographs.