5 Ways to Save Money When Visiting Iceland

Stokksnes, Iceland
Stokksnes, Iceland. Photo by André Filipe on Unsplash

Most people will tell you that visiting Iceland can be pretty pricy. And while that might be true in most cases, there are ways to visit this spectacular country with a more modest budget. Check out five ways to save money when visiting Iceland below.

Visit During the Off-Season

It goes without saying that visiting Iceland during the off-season will do wonders for your budget. The peak season is in the summer, from early July to late August, so avoid these dates. Everything will be much more expensive, starting from flights and accommodation to some basic services.

Book in Advance

In order to get the best prices, you should book your flight and accommodation in advance. Hotels and airlines usually offer cheaper deals for later dates, so choosing to book several months before your visit will be cost-friendly.

Pack Carefully

You should pay extra attention when packing for a trip to Iceland. Bring along everything you might need in order to avoid having to buy clothes or gadgets during your stay. The country has notoriously high prices even for some basic items like mobile phone chargers.

Use Public Transportation

Public transportation is highly efficient in Iceland, so use it whenever possible. Opting for taxis will make a big dent in your budget, especially if you are not traveling as part of a larger group while renting a car can also come pricy.

Forget About Exclusive Dining

Visiting restaurants and eating in exclusive places will cause you to burn through your budget faster than anything else. This is why you should opt for fast-food chains or pre-packed meals in grocery stores to get you through your stay.