5 Websites for Travelling on a Budget

Photo by Atlas Green on Unsplash

Want to see the world but can’t quite justify emptying your entire savings? With a little help from the Internet, you might no longer need to. There are plenty of websites and apps which can help you find cheap accommodation and travel on a shoestring. Here are five top tips.


Workaway is a fantastic way to not only get free accommodation and meals but to experience the lifestyle of locals in your chosen location. In exchange for roughly 24 hours a week of your time, your host will provide you with a place to stay and will often include meals.



Couchsurf is a great way to find a free place to crash for the night. Download the app and take a look at a list of locals offering a sofa for travelers in need of a place to sleep. The review system keeps it secure.



Megabus is huge in the US and the UK. You can travel between States from only $1.



You don’t have to splash out on a hotel if you are going to spend most of your time exploring. In most cities around the world, you can find a cheap hostel if all you need is a bed for the night. In Europe, there are many hostels for just a few Euros.


BlablaCar and Lift Sharing

Another popular and cheap way to travel in Europe is through BlablaCar. It sets you up with other people driving the same way as you. Carpooling is a great way to save cash and make friends.