6 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Berlin

Image via Jeison Higuita on Unsplash

Yes, we all know that Berlin is the capital city of Germany, but what else can you say about this extraordinary city? Let us help you!

Very Old City

According to archaeologists, Berlin dates to the 13th century.

City Of Museums

Berlin is very well known as a city of museums. There is even a local saying that there are more museums – around 180 – than rainy days – 106 on average.


Expensive Graffiti

Berlin is full of interesting street art. However, every year, the city spends over 35 million euros on cleaning graffiti.

Big Numbers

Berlin is over 9 times the size of Paris, but it only has 1/5 of Paris’ population density. The capital has more bridges than Venice as well, around 1,700.

3 UNESCO World Heritage

The capital city of Germany has 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites: The Museum Island, Sansoussi Palace and Parks in Potsdam, and the Modernism Housing Estates.

Longest Open-Air Museum

East Side Gallery, the longest open-air museum with a length of over 1.3 km, is also located in Berlin. It showcases over 100 murals from artist all over the world. You might have heard about the famous mural called “The Fraternal Kiss.”