7 Fun Facts About The Seattle Space Needle

Image via Oakie on Unsplash

The Space Needle is definitely one of the most known landmarks around the world, and the symbol of the city of Seattle, Washington. It is actually an observation tower, which was built in the mid-20th century. But beside that, what else do you know about it? Here are some fun facts you should know about this remarkable landmark.

1. The Space Needle, the proud symbol of Seattle took around 400 days to get finished. It opened its doors on 21st, April 1962, for a space-age-themed World’s fair.

2. It stands 605 feet tall and offers 360-degrees views from its 3 main view areas.

3. The Space Needle’s original name was “The Space Cage”.

4. You need 43 seconds to travel by one of the 3 fast elevators, from the bottom to the tower’s top level. It also has staircase with 848 stairs.

5. The Space Needle is the brainchild of architecture John Graham.

6. At the top of the Seattle Space Needle there is a rotating restaurant called SkyCity Restaurant which offers beautiful and romantic views of the city.

7. Every New Year’s Eve, at midnight there are astonishing firework shows which are synchronized to music.