A Beach Holiday in Italy This Summer

Tropea, Calabria, Italy. Photo by linda71fer on Pixabay

Italy is not all about ancient buildings, museums and art galleries. While good food (and wine) are just about guaranteed wherever you go, Italy has also got some of the world’s most stunning beaches.

To help you decide your vacation destination this season, we give you a glimpse into three of the most exquisite beaches in Italy.


Bathed by two seas, the Calabria coast offers miles of sandy beaches with plenty of space. The most famous of the Calabrian beaches is Tropea, where white sands meet glistening blue water.

Surrounded by cliffs, the beach offers a view of the Lipari Islands on a clear day. The Stromboli volcano off the coast of Calabria erupts every 20 minutes, and dolphins are a regular sight.


Cala Granara

Take a boat to the island of Spargi for a view of paradise. Part of the 60-island Archipelago di Maddalena, three white sandy beaches slope into the sea, with small mountains and huge granite stones nearby. There are no bars, so come prepared.


Baia Del Turchin, Puglia

Known to Italians as a well-kept secret, this beach rivals any in Greece. Surrounded by vegetation, the water is sparkling clear and the beaches are pristine. There is a cafe for drinks and light meals, and lifeguards are on duty.