A Guide to Eating Vegan in Mumbai

Photo by Shreyak Singh on Unsplash

Traveling vegan isn’t always easy, especially when you are unfamiliar with the cuisine in the location you are visiting. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices when it comes to eating vegan and vegetarian in the buzzing city of Mumbai.


The samosa is a street-food specialty in Mumbai. The spicy snack is a delicious vegan treat and is perfect for a quick pick-me-up when you are on the move.

Deep-fried Batata Vada

Batada vadas is a great choice for breakfast on the go. It is a popular snack that comprises of mashed potatoes, chickpeas, onion, curry leaves, and coriander.


If you are visiting Mumbai, make sure you try a vegan dosa. It’s a rice flour alternative to a pancake and it is filled with yummy veggies and spices. The khau gully in Mumbai is the place to go for the best dosa you’ll ever experience.


Panipuri is a popular vegan dish among the street vendors in Mumbai. Look out for Boondi, a fried chickpea flour that tastes divine with spicy chutney and boiled potatoes. If you are visiting Bandra, head to Elco Market to try their delicious panipuri.