A Tour of the World’s Hottest Extra-Terrestrial Hot-Spots

The 20th century saw a surge in reported alien sightings and UFO mania. Let’s take a look at some of the world’s most sought-after alien hotspots for any enthusiastic tourists of the strange and inexplicable. 

San Clemente UFO Trail, Chile

Chile is the country with the most reported UFO sightings because of its clear skies and high altitudes.  The trail runs through 19 miles of the Andes and includes the high mineral Colburn Lake and the flat plateau el Enladrillado, said to be an ancient alien landing-pad. 

Area 51, USA

The Air Force base commonly known as Area 51 in Nevada is the focus of conspiracy theories and extra-terrestrial speculation.  There are 10-hour SUV tours from Las Vegas that explore the area daily. 

M-Triangle, Russia

The M-Triangle is located 600 miles east of Moscow and is like a Russian Area-51.  It has been a hot-bed of mysterious alien sightings of translucent beings and hovering lights. 

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Some clips regarding an event that allegedly took place in Zaostrovka, Russia on September 16, 1989. Hundreds of witnesses in the area claimed that six circular, silver, flying saucers were perusing a seventh, golden saucer. . . They claimed the saucers made unbelievable maneuvers during this dog fight, and at times flew as low as 5,000 feet. The UFOs were utilizing some type of light beam or energy weapon, firing at the golden UFO. . . The witnesses claimed that the golden UFO was “defeated” due to the continued hits by the energy beams and eventually crashed into a swamp that was considered “off limits to the public”, as it was a military test range. This area is referred to as the “M Triangle” (the surrounding town is called Molyobka, which is also referred to as the Perm Anomalous Zone) and is a known hot spot for all things paranormal. . . Such High Strangeness is what attracted journalist Pavel Mukhortov to investigate the claims of bizarre encounters coming from many residents in the area. Mukhortov claims while many of his colleagues became very ill from entering this bog, he somehow developed a deep knowledge and sophisticated understanding of physics and rocket science. Pavel Mukhortov applied to and was accepted by the Soviet Space Program as a cosmonaut after this alleged incident. . . What is the “M Triangle”? Do you think those saucers were secret Soviet craft perusing an unknown object? Were they all extraterrestrial crafts? Considering it’s a military test site I wonder. . . #ufosighting #ufo #conspiracytheories #paranormal #cryptid #ufos #alienabduction #mtriangle #roswell #area51 #cropcircles #spaceship #flyingsaucer #ovni #ovnis #conspiracytheory #conspiracy #greyalien #reptilianshapeshifters #highstrangeness #russia #sovietunion #pavelmukhortov #cosmonaut #nasa #space #disclosure #extraterrestrial #ufology

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Wiltshire, England

Mysterious otherworldly markings and patterns are to be found in the county of Wiltshire not one mile from the equally mysterious Stonehenge.  The site has been a hot-bed of extra-terrestrial speculation, some supposing that the Neolithic stones and strange patterns indicate an alien landing pad.   

 Joshua Tree, California

Joshua Tree National Park is an area known to have a number of high-mineral underground waterways.  UFO tourists and investigators often descend into these depths in search of the subterranean alien base that it is rumored exists there.