A Yoga Vacation In India Is A Great Idea

According to Indian tradition, the ashram is considered a part of the teacher’s body. Today, tourists who come to practice yoga in India are offered a variety of options under the concept of the ashram.

The yoga capital of the world and the main place for yoga studies is the city of Rishikesh in India.

One of the recommended places to practice yoga intensively is Parmarth Niketan Ashram, one of the largest ashrams in Rishikesh.

The ashram offers countless yoga workshops, a beautiful view, and peace and quiet. Anyone who wishes to stay in one of the 1,000 rooms in the ashram must arrange their stay in advance.

Those staying in the ashram are required to obey the rules of the house. Guests are asked, among other things, to wear modest clothing, not to smoke, not to watch TV, not to listen to the radio, to adopt a vegetarian diet, and more. The stay in the ashram is limited to three weeks, during which you will practice yoga intensively, meditate, and enjoy this magical place, located at the foot of the Ganges River.

Yoga and Meditation Section, Parmarth Niketan
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