Airbnb is Suing New York City Over New Hosting Restrictions

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Image by Peggy from Pixabay

Airbnb is not impressed with the City of New York. From starting out modestly, as an idea between two friends to put an air mattress in their living room and rent it out, the company has skyrocketed. There are now more than 4 million people have let our their rooms and entire homes for others seeking accommodation. 

Although the concept has been excellent for tourists, it has made life difficult for residents who are unable to find affordable housing as a result.

With hosts choosing to use apartments and houses as Airbnbs, it creates a shortage of places for locals to live, and greatly increases the cost of rent. 

In 2022, New York City passed the Short-Term Rental Registration Law. According to the new rules, which come into effect in July, hosts must register with the mayor’s office, disclose who else lives on the property, and agree to comply with other city codes.

Airbnb has now chosen to challenge this and filed a lawsuit against the city on June 1.

Referring to the restrictions as an “extreme and oppressive regulatory scheme,” the San Francisco-based company claims that it is “intended to drive the short-term rental trade out of New York City once and for all.”

Mayoral spokesperson, Jonah Allon, has said that “administration is committed to protecting safety and community liveability for residents, preserving permanent housing stock, and ensuring our hospitality sector can continue to recover and thrive.”