All Aboard the Trans Siberian Railway

797329 on Pixabay

The luxury of a train has been underestimated in recent years. While it is fabulous to get across the ocean in 6 hours on a plane, there is  splendor in taking the long way to your destination.

Discovery can be made, that you could never plan for, by taking a ferry ride, train ride or a road trip. The actual experience of transportation can be part of the joy of traveling. Especially true, is the charm and adventure of taking the Trans Siberian Railway.

The Trans Siberian Railway is the longest running train system in the world, spanning across Russia and Asia at over 9,000 km of distance. The train transports about a third of Russia’s imports and exports but also serves as a beautiful and calm ride for travelers.

Throughout your ride you can view the Russian countryside and, depending on the route you decide to take, you can even visit China or Mongolia (Trans Mongolian Express). The journey, no matter which route you take, will be full of beautiful views and you can even sign up for tours along the way through the travel booking agency Just Go Russia.