Amazing Filming Destinations from the 2022 Oscar-Nominated Films

Screenshot from
Screenshot from "Dune"

The Oscar nominations were finally unveiled last week, with the Academy giving recognition to some of the year’s most spectacular movies. Most of them wouldn’t look the same without the amazing locations where they were filmed, and many of them can be visited in person.

The Power of the Dog (New Zealand)

The Power of the Dog would be a completely different movie without the amazing scenery of New Zealand, and it was mostly filmed in the picturesque Otago region.

Dune (Jordan, Norway, UAE)

Dune is one of those movies that look straight out of this world, but some of its locations weren’t created through the use of special effects. Wadi Rum in Jordan, Stadlandet in Norway, and Liwa Oasis in the United Arab Emirates are some of the filming locations that you can visit in real life.

Belfast (Northern Ireland)

The title of this movie makes it pretty clear where Belfast was filmed. Kenneth Branagh celebrated his hometown in his native Northern Ireland with this personal tale, and you’ll probably be inspired to visit it after watching it.

The Lost Daughter (Greece)

The Lost Daughter is one of those movies that simply wouldn’t work without its scenic setting. The upscale affluent island of Spetses in Greece served as a backdrop from this tense story about a middle-aged woman dealing with the demons from her past.