What To Do This ‘Staycation Summer’

Photo by Jack Foster on Unsplash

What are your plans this summer? If you still can’t afford to travel this summer, there are plenty of creative ways to have fun and scratch your travel itch without leaving your town. Here are some great staycation ideas to try this summer.


Camping is by far the best staycation idea if you want to spend more time in nature. This is a perfect family activity that’s both fun and affordable, and if you can’t travel far from your city you can even camp in your own backyard.

Be a Tourist in Your City

The easiest way to relax and scratch your travel itch is to be a tourist in your own city. There are probably many different places and neighborhoods you yet have to discover and that’ll help you experience your own hometown from a totally different perspective.

A Self-Care Day

You don’t need to travel to a far-away destination and spend tons of money in order to relax and enjoy a perfect spa day. Treating yourself to a nice at-home spa day is the best way to enjoy while indoors.

Wine Tasting

Invite a few friends over and host a relaxing wine tasting evening with fancy wines and cheese plates that will take you straight to Italy or France.