An Honest Review Of… Hong Kong

Photo by Ryan McManimie on Unsplash

I once heard that Hong Kong is 70% greenery, while the other 30% is packed sky high with buildings – some of the tallest I have ever seen. Hong Kong’s architects wasted no space, and a quick tram ride up to Victoria Peak shows you just how impressive the HK skyline really is.

The next best way to see the city is by getting a cable car across to Ngong Ping. Once you reach the island, you will have escaped the hustle and bustle of the city and will encounter beautiful temples and the Big Buddha statue. As part of the trip, I also took a boat ride to a fishing village. During the ride, I saw pink dolphins, and when I get to the village, I was blown away by the houses on stilts surrounding the water.

In the evening, I decide to check out the Hong Kong nightlife. Central is the place to be, and I was excited by the street art and endless choices of restaurants and bars.

A friend once told me that the best place to hang out in HK is outside a 7/11. This is where young people meet to drink, and after taking a look at the bar prices, I can see why. I cracked open a can with some young travelers I met outside a 7/11, and after a while of chatting, we headed to a karaoke bar. Next, we enjoyed a cocktail on a rooftop bar and toasted the beauty of the Hong Kong skyline.

All in all, Hong Kong is a wonderful city which celebrates the best of the West alongside the best of the tradition and personality of the East. You will meet all kinds of people here and can experience everything from a temple that is thousands of years old to some of the most innovative technology in the world.

Just keep in mind that it will be an expensive trip, and if you can’t afford to drink at a bar, don’t even think about asking to use the restroom.