Are Any Airlines Really Reliable Anymore?

Airplane seats
Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash

During the pandemic, travel was by default at an all-time low. With countries being forced to shut down their borders, as well as airlines not creating flights, most of the world was on complete lockdown for a solid amount of time. So when the pandemic finally started to simmer down, and travel opened up again, it was too much for the airlines to handle. After laying off countless employees during the pandemic, there’s been a shortage in staff—causing all kinds of delays, and not just for the cheaper airlines.

No Airline Is That Much More Reliable

Airlines such as Delta and American Airlines used to be known as the epitome of reliability—but in the summer of 2022, there were endless delays on their end. Logjams of planes caught on the tarmac for hours on end, flights delayed days at a time, the list goes on.

As mentioned before, this has a lot to do with staffing issues, especially when it comes to pilots. Indeed, airlines are currently going through a major pilot shortage, and it’s causing all kinds of technical problems from the customer end of things.

Until things shake up, it may be a lot harder to rely on airlines in the coming future. And unfortunately, this is just as true for top-tier airlines as it is for budget options.