Australia’s Bustling Food Districts That You Won’t Want To Miss

Hunter Valley, Australia
Image via gustavofgrazao/Depositphotos

Once you’ve completed a day of backpacking, surfing, and world-class shows at the Sydney Opera House, then indulging in Australia’s delicious food scene will certainly complete your trip. Here are the most bustling food districts in Australia that you won’t want to miss.

Hunter Valley

Dating back to the 1800s, this region of New South Wales is renowned as Australia’s premium wine and food route. In addition to exquisite wine tastings and vineyard tours, you’ll also be able to indulge in some scrumptious lunches during your trip.

Carlton, Melbourne

Known for its diverse international population, it comes as no surprise that the city of Melbourne offers one of the widest ranges of tasty cuisines in Australia. Thanks to its large Italian-Australian population, Carlton is home to a range of scrumptious Italian eateries, with dishes ranging from Bolognese to pizza, ravioli, and plenty of wine.

Noosa, Queensland

A resort area on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, Noosa is home to a wide variety of restaurants offering numerous exotic cuisines. From Japanese food to local cuisine and even cocktail bars, this beach town is sure to provide you with whatever food your heart desires.