Avoid These Common Mistakes When Packing for Your Summer Trip

Packing tips
Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

Packing for your trip is one of the most important parts of travel planning. The things you bring along can make or break your holiday, especially your long-awaited summer vacation. Here are a couple of packing mistakes that most people make that you should avoid at all costs.

Too Many Shoes

This rule applies for all seasons, not just the summer—never bring too many shoes along. Wear your bulkiest pair as you travel, and stick to an extra pair or two in your suitcase, but make sure it’s easy to pair them with all of your clothes.

No Warmer Clothes

Even if you’re traveling in the summer, you should use a piece or two of warmer clothing. They’ll come in handy just in case if evenings get cold and the weather changes.

Missing Swimwear

If there’s one piece of clothing that will be taking barely any space in your suitcase, it’s swimwear. Feel free to bring at least two different swimsuits to give them enough time to dry if you want to switch during the day.

Big Suitcase

There’s no need to pay for expensive luggage fees when traveling during warmer seasons. Summer clothes are pretty light, take barely any space, and it’s easy to wash them on the go, so you can easily fit them inside a carry-on.