Avoid These Packing Mistakes at All Cost

Photo by Brandless on Unsplash

You can’t call yourself a traveler unless you know how to pack neatly and efficiently. Great packing skills will enable you to look good no matter where you go, and save your nerves and even money in some cases. Here are the top packing mistakes to avoid.

Not Thinking About Fabrics

Think about whether you really want to take that cute new shirt that’s a pain to iron on a trip with you. You want your clothes to be convenient and look nice, even if your hotel room doesn’t come with an iron. Pick cotton and silk for summer travels and wool and knit if you’re traveling during winter, and you won’t have problems.

Too Many Shoes

Depending on where you’re going, consider if you’ve packed too many shoes. You will usually find that you can take one or two pairs out.

Packing New Stuff

Packing is not a great time to break out a new outfit you just bought last week because you don’t know how you feel in it yet. Instead, pack reliable things that have served you many times.