Backpackers’ First Aid Kit

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Going on a backpacking trip is one of the most fun things to do on vacation. It is a wonderful thing to be in nature, see the landscapes, and feel a sense of true freedom.

But backpacking can be dangerous at times. When going out into nature, you should be prepared for any trouble—and prepare a first aid kit in advance.

To do so, make sure you have all the medications you are taking routinely. Make sure they are well-packed and protected from the weather or moisture.

The contents of a basic first aid kit contain various dressings, disinfectants, and basic medication—including gauze bandages of various sizes, tourniquet, plasters, gauze pad, pocket masks for respiration, scissors, antiseptic solution, painkillers, and disposable gloves. The amount of contents inside a first aid kit varies depending on the location and the number of people going on the trip.

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It is best to do online research regarding the area you will be traveling to, and the dangers that can occur in it. If it is a particularly hot area—pack water containing electrolytes. If it is a trip in difficult terrain conditions—pack dressing equipment and disinfectants.