Baobab Avenue is One of Madagascar’s Most Stunning Spots

Baobab Avenue, Madagascar.
Baobab Avenue, Madagascar. Photo by Graphic Node on Unsplash

Baobabs trees are rare spices native to Madagascar, and this is one of the very few places where you can find them. They’re scattered all around this African island, and the Avenue of the Baobabs is one of the best places in the world to see them in the flash.

This charming spot is located in close proximity to the city of Morondava, and most people use it as a starting point for their trip. You can visit it at any time of the day, but you’ll be most impressed by it if you find yourself here right before sunset, when the avenue looks the most picturesque.

This natural monument stands as a constant reminder of the dense tropical forests that once thrived on Madagascar. Massive deforestation left only around 25 trees behind, but some of them have been around for centuries—if not even thousands of years.

Baobabs are known as one of the most long-lived species of their kind and they’re known as “upside-down trees” because their canopies resemble roots. One of the most amazing trees that you’ll stumble upon while walking down the Avenue of the Baobabs is Baobab Amoureux, formed from two trees that became twisted and grew together across the centuries.