Bavaria Is Famous For Its Wine As Well As Beer

Franconia wine
Main-Franconia Escherndorf. Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

When most people hear about the German region of Bavaria, they think of Oktoberfest, the big folk festival famous for drinking beer. Did you know that Bavaria also has a famous wine region? Franconia (Franken in German) is a region located in northwest Bavaria and the only wine region in this state.

It’s home to many prized quality wines and a famous “bocksbeutel” bottle. The wine from this region is known for fruity and dry, and the white wines made here are some of the best in the world. Besides the taste, visiting this region offers a lot of amazing experiences: wine tasting at cozy wine cellars and wine festivals are just some of them.

“There are thousand years of winemaking tradition in Franconia,” Joost von Nagell, the sommelier and head of restaurants, conferences, and catering for Munich Airport tells Matador Network. “The soil—the so-called Triassic soils of Keuper, Muschelkalk and Buntsandstein—allows Franconian grapevines to grow in the best conditions.”

Have you tried any of the Bavarian wines yet? Don’t forget to visit this amazing wine region the next time you’re in Germany! If you don’t have time to visit Franconia during your stay in Munchen, you can taste the wines in the city too!