Beach Bag Essentials You Need For This Summer

Beach bag items
Photo by Sepideh Doost on Unsplash

Summer is finally here which means we’ll be spending more time outside and most likely traveling to the nearest beach. Check out this short list of beach essentials you need to pack in your beach bag.

Body Wipes

In case you’re planning on spending all day at the beach make sure to toss a pack of body wipes in your bag. These wipes are super convenient for when you need to quickly clean and freshen up.


Sunscreen is not the only skincare product you need to pack for the beach. Moisturizing lotion will help you hydrate and protect your skin after hours of sun exposure.

Waterproof Phone Case

This is by far the most useful gadget to have in the beach bag, because it’ll help you protect your phone at the beach and you’ll also be able to take a few selfies underwater.

Filtered Water Bottle

Drinking plenty of water is the most important thing during hot summer days, and this practical water bottle will help you stay hydrated and you can refill it literally anywhere.


If you or your kids or friends ever get bored at the beach, playing card games is always a fun idea, so make sure to always keep cards in your bag.