Beautiful Cities in Argentina You Have to Visit After Buenos Aires

Photo by Mariana Soledad on Unsplash

Buenos Aires is the first city that pops to mind when someone mentions Argentina, but this country has many more charming cities in store—and here’s a few you should definitely put on your bucket list.

Mar del Plata

If relaxing on the beach all day long sounds like your idea of fun, Mar del Plata will feel like heaven on Earth. Argentina’s top resort town is located on the Atlantic coast, and its cultural scene and nightlife will impress you just as much as its beautiful beaches.


If crowded beaches simply aren’t your thing, head to Argentina’s second-largest city of Cordoba. It’s home to numerous museums, theaters, and galleries where you can explore the history, art, and culture of this South American country.


Fans of neoclassical and art deco architecture should also consider paying a visit to Rosario, especially since it’s located not too far from Buenos Aires.


Argentina’s Mendoza province has often been compared to Napa Valley. If you’re passionate about wine, there’s no better place than its capital city of Mendoza to start exploring this region.