Bermuda is a Must-Visit Destination—Here’s Why

Bermuda. Photo by Reilly Durfy on Unsplash

Thinking about treating yourself to a tropical paradise experience for your next vacation? Well, you can hardly do better than Bermuda. It’s actually one of the favorite vacation destinations for Americans. Out of all foreign visitors that this tropical paradise receives, more than 80% are U.S. citizens. Wonder what attracts them? Find out below.

Bermuda is Quite Safe

While safety can sometimes be an issue in some exotic locations, that shouldn’t be an issue in Bermuda. This British Overseas Territory has a low crime rate and the crimes that do happen usually don’t take place in areas that are popular among tourists. However, it is recommended that you keep an eye on your valuables, as tourists can sometimes become victims of petty theft.

Bermuda Has Pink Beaches

White and yellow sand beaches are cool, but we can all agree that pink sand beaches are way cooler. And Bermuda has plenty of those. But their beauty isn’t just in color. It is also in the accompanying elements like palm trees, crystal clear waters, and beach bars.

The Weather is Great All-Year Round

Thanks to its position in the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda has great weather throughout the year. The winters are mild while the summers are pleasant and devoid of overwhelming heat. The only issue can be hurricanes, although they are not so frequent.

Water Sports Opportunities are Amazing

If you are into water sports, then look no further than Bermuda. Its clear water, stunning coral reefs, and underwater caves make it the perfect spot for snorkeling and diving. You can also engage in other activities like kite surfing, jet skiing, and kayaking, which will ensure that you never get bored during your vacation.