Best Beaches For Surfing In Victoria, Australia

Gibson Steps, Australia
Gibson Steps, Australia. Photo by Tiraya Adam on Unsplash

Australia is one of the best places to go surfing in the world. It has a colossal coastline full of white sandy beaches and rhythmic waves. Many of the country’s most surfer-friendly beaches are in Victoria State, located in the southeast of the continent. And not only that, but summer in Australia is only just beginning! If you fancy a trip to Victoria to soak up the surfing atmosphere, here are some of the best beaches for you to hit up.

Gibson Steps

Located on the famous Great Ocean Road that skirts the coastline, this is a great beach for surfing that is a favorite among the locals. It affords beautiful views of the cliffs of the rugged coastline. Note that there are no lifeguards at this destination. It is better suited for experienced surfers.

Bells Beach

Home to Australia’s oldest surfing competition, this beach is renowned as the home of Australian surfing. It offers a great mix of waves—some stand higher than five meters tall while others are more playful.

Warrnambool Beach

This beach is perfect for beginners and the less experienced. The softer waves allow you to enjoy being out on the water and practice your surfing skills.