Best City and Tourist Passes You Should Consider Getting While in Rome, Italy

Vatican City
Vatican City, Rome, Italy. Photo by Caleb Miller on Unsplash

Most people think of city and tourist passes as unnecessary costs or something that isn’t worth the money they are paying. And while that might be true somewhere else, it doesn’t exactly apply to Rome, Italy.

Rome has embraced the concept of city and tourist passes like no other city, and they can really make your life a lot easier while there. From free public transportation to skip-the-line and free visits to popular tourist attractions, these passes offer significant value for the money. Here are the best passes you should consider getting while there.

Roma Pass

You can get Roma Pass for 24 hours at a price of €32 or a Roma Pass for 72 hours for €52. Both passes offer free public transportation while the card is valid, discounts for tickets to all attractions, free access to designated toilets services, and more. The 24 hours pass also comes with a free entry to a “museum/archaeological site/experience” of your choice, while 72 hours comes with two free entries.

Rome Tourist Card

At the cost of €82, Rome Tourist Card has its perks if you are set out to see everything Rome has to offer in terms of tourist attractions. This pass provides priority entrance to the Colosseum, Forum Romanum, and the Palatine and allows you to skip the line at Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel with access to all open rooms and galleries. It also provides a guided tour of St. Peter’s Basilica with an official Vatican guide, a helpful guide through Rome in the form of a mobile app, and discounts on other attractions.

The Vatican City Pass

The Vatican City Pass comes at the cost of €57 and offers the perks of a Rome Tourist Card for Vatican City. It is well worth the money as Vatican City’s most famous attractions get packed really fast, and skip-the-line saves you from waiting on entry for hours.