Best Destinations for Meditation Retreats

Meditation hotspots
Bali, Indonesia. Photo by Niklas Weiss on Unsplash

If you’re more on the spiritual side, you might enjoy traveling to a meditation retreat, which is a great way to combine one’s spiritual practice with one’s love of traveling and seeing the world. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, here are some of the destinations you can consider going to a meditation retreat in.


An island paradise, Bali has become a favorite choice for people looking to unwind and connect with nature. Meditation retreats in Bali are a great way to incorporate stunning nature into your meditation, with views of mountains, forests, and rice paddies bringing a peaceful joy to your heart.


An obvious choice for a meditation retreat is India, which is a place where many traditions such as Buddhism and Hinduism have practiced meditations for ages. Many meditation retreats will be located on mountain slopes where you can feel your soul expand.


Similar to Bali, many spiritual people gravitate to Hawaii as a place where they can slow down, enjoy nature, and focus on their own growth. As such, there are many great meditation retreats in Hawaii that will help you find your center.