Best Free Things to Do in Panama City, Panama

Panama City, Panama
Panama City, Panama. Photo by Darren Miller on Unsplash

Many tourists are mildly surprised when they find out that Panama City, Panama, isn’t exactly a budget destination. Sure, it might be cheaper than home, but it’s also significantly more expensive than the majority of other destinations in Central America. But it’s also possible to save money while here. The easiest way to do it is to opt for tourist attractions and activities that won’t cost you much. And luckily for budget travelers, Panama City offers plenty of those.

Enjoy Public Beaches

Let’s start with the obvious. Grab a towel, get your sunscreen, and head to one of Panama City’s beautiful beaches. There are few better ways to spend a day than laying on a beach and taking in the sun.

Explore Casco Viejo

If you are not in the mood for the beach or want to try something else, then exploring Casco Viejo should be next on your list. This historic neighborhood of Panama City will charm you with its old houses, churches, plazas, and little intricacies that you’ll enjoy discovering.

Visit Baha’i Temple

Latin America’s first Baha’i Temple is actually situated in Panama City. Visiting it can be a great experience even if you are not of Bahá’í Faith. You can enter for free and use the temple’s space for meditation or just check out the architecture and learn more about Bahá’í Faith.

Parque Omar

Another great (and free) place for relaxation is Parque Omar. The park offers a lot of green spaces, playgrounds, and opportunities for outdoor activities like tennis, jogging, and more.