Best Free Things to Do in Seoul, North Korea

Seoul. Photo by Sava Bobov on Unsplash

Seoul, North Korea, is far from being the cheapest tourist destination. However, you can still avoid leaving the city with a big dent in your wallet thanks to the abundance of free things you can do in Seoul. Check out some of them below.

Check out the Permanent Collections of the National Museum of Korea

The National Museum of Korea is the most important museum in South Korea, and it is also free to visit. It is dedicated to the country’s history, art, and culture and features items and artifacts ranging from prehistory to modern times. Some of the items on display include the Silla gold crown from the 5th century, paintings by influential artist Kim Hong-do aka Danwon, and gilt-bronze Maitreya in Meditation sculpture from the 7th century.

Marvel at Street Art of Ihwa Mural Village

Ihwa Mural Village is the premier destination for street art in Seoul. The place is renowned for its scenic setting and a collection of paintings and murals from more than 70 different artists.

Explore Bukhansan National Park

You can rarely find a national park located in the city, but Seoul has one. The Bukhansan National Park is open to the public and offers a great opportunity to escape from the city rush. You can spend hours exploring its dense forests, gorges, peaks, temples, and historical sites.

Visit the Seoul Museum of Art

Despite being opened only in 1998, the Seoul Museum of Art is now considered one of the leading venues where visitors can check out contemporary art and works by international and local artists. There are two branches of this museum in Seoul, with each offering free entrance and often free art classes or other events.