Best Greek Cities for Low-Budget Travelers

Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

With its kind people, delicious food, incredible history, and stunning beaches—Greece is many people’s dream travel destination. However, not everybody can afford to go all-out. But having a budget doesn’t mean you should give up on your dream to see Greece. Here are a few budget-friendly Greek cities you can add to your to-visit list.


One of the seven main Ionian Islands, Kythira is an idyllic paradise with its secluded beaches, gorgeous waterfalls, and traditional villages—each with its own distinct character. The island offers plenty of interesting castles, a thriving handwoven fabric industry, and stunning swimming spots. Best of all? Tourism is relatively new here, which means it’s both affordable and not too crowded.


An immaculate island in the southeastern Aegean Sea, Astypalea is a well-kept secret from the hordes of tourists—making it private, peaceful, and budget-friendly. It’s perfect for exploring, with plenty of uncharted walking paths and a unique atmosphere.


If you have a Mamma Mia fantasy, this island in the western Aegean Sea is exactly where you want to go. After all—that’s where the movie was filmed. Don’t worry, it’s still as authentic as ever, with crystal clear waters and traditional architecture just begging for you to visit.