Best National Parks to Visit Near Perth, Australia

John Forrest National Park in Perth, Australia
John Forrest National Park in Perth, Australia. Photo by Joshua Leong on Unsplash

Many travelers visiting Australia are there to explore its natural beauty and what better place to start than its national parks? Most of its major cities are surrounded by a few national parks, including Perth. Here are three that you shouldn’t miss during your visit.

Kalamunda National Park

Located just 13 miles away from Perth, Kalamunda is one of the most easily accessible national parks near this Australian metropolis. It’s composed of typical Darling Scarp woodland and it’s a great place to embark on a hiking adventure without going too far.

John Forrest National Park

Another national park located a short ride away from Perth, John Forrest is safely tucked away in the Darling Scarp, just 15 miles away. It’s actually the second national park proclaimed in Australia, after Royal National Park, and it will win you over with its hiking trails, waterfalls, and diverse wildlife.

Serpentine National Park

It takes almost an hour to reach Serpentine National Park from Perth, but it’s worth the ride. It’s home to the iconic Serpentine Falls, which are a true mystery because their depth still hasn’t been determined. You can also find many walking trails and native species of flora and fauna on its grounds.