Best Places to Get Beignets While in New Orleans, Louisiana

Cafe du Monde, New Orleans, USA
Photo by Chelsea Audibert on Unsplash

Beignets are a food staple of New Orleans, Louisiana. Everyone visiting the city must get at least one of these puffy pastries coated generously with powdered sugar. But people rarely stop at just one—they are that good.

You can get beignets all over New Orleans, but if you want to find the best ones, check out some of the following places.

Cafe Du Monde

Cafe Du Monde is a New Orleans institution. It was originally opened in 1862 and became famous for its outstanding beignets that are always fresh and hot because they are selling so fast. You can also get one of the best Café au lait you’ll ever try. Best of all, the place is opened 24 hours throughout the year except on Christmas Day.

Cafe Beignet

Cafe Beignet serves delicious beignets that are more on the crunchy side and is always packed with both locals and tourists. But this is just the beginning of its draw. They also serve delicious breakfasts, so make sure to visit in the morning to get the full experience.

Bakery Bar

If you want to try some alternative takes on beignets, then Bakery Bar is the place to go. They do chocolate-chip beignets, cream-filled beignets, and all sorts of other intriguing beignet variations that will entice every foodie.