Best Routes for a Dream Caribbean Vacation

Beach Bar, Grand Anse Beach | Grenada, Caribbean
Beach Bar, Grand Anse Beach | Grenada, Caribbean. Photo by Hugh Whyte on Unsplash

Have you ever fantasized about sailing through the Caribbean, with its endless turquoise waters and sun-kissed shores? It’s true, the Caribbean islands are a little slice of paradise. Today, we’re sharing some of the best routes for a dream Caribbean vacation.

Eastern Caribbean Explorer

Begin your journey in St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where bustling harbors and stunning hilltop views await. From there, sail to the British Virgin Islands to enjoy some of the best snorkeling spots. Next, explore Old San Juan in Puerto Rico with its colorful Spanish colonial buildings and historic forts. Conclude your trip in Barbados, savoring its rich history, rum distilleries, and vibrant nightlife.

Western Caribbean Wayfarer

Start your adventure in Cozumel, Mexico, famous for its coral reefs and Mayan ruins. Then, head to Belize to experience the Great Blue Hole and the ancient Maya city of Lamanai. Next, visit Roatán, Honduras, where you can dive among shipwrecks and underwater caves. Finish your journey in Jamaica, enjoying reggae vibes in Kingston.

Southern Caribbean Sail

Begin in Aruba with its sun-drenched beaches and vibrant nightlife. Travel to Curacao, known for its Dutch architecture and vibrant underwater life. Visit Trinidad & Tobago for a taste of bustling markets and the Caribbean’s largest carnival. End your trip in Grenada, exploring spice estates and postcard-perfect beaches.