Best Steakhouses In Buenos Aires, Argentina

Steak in Argentina
Photo by José Ignacio Pompé on Unsplash

If there is one form of cooking that Argentina is famous for, it is asado, meaning barbeque. Naturally, this makes the Argentinian capital city of Buenos Aires the perfect travel destination for meat lovers. Here are some of the best steakhouses in Buenos Aires that you should visit on your next trip.

Don Julio

From the moment you walk through this establishment’s doors, you’ll be in awe of the array of steaks on the wall and the indoor parrilla (grill) waiting to greet you. If the mere thought of this experience makes your mouth water, then Don Julio’s finest beef steaks will be sure to satisfy your meat craving.

La Carnicería

This trendy hotspot is ideal for those foodies who are looking to experiment with their meat. La Carnicería offers both grilled and smoked meat, ensuring that your taste buds are stimulated no matter what steak style you’re in search of.

Parrilla Los Cabritos

If you’re looking for a local joint that offers a more authentic experience away from the tourist hotspots, then Parrilla Los Cabritos is for you. This restaurant specializes in serving meat platters for two or three diners, making it popular among local families.