Best Things You Can Do at Minnesota’s Mall of America if You Don’t Like Shopping

Mall of America, Minnesota, US
Mall of America, Minnesota, US. Image via jjbooma/Depositphotos

Minnesota’s Mall of America is considered a shopping paradise. The largest shopping mall in the United States has 520 stores that will cater to your every shopping need. But what’s there to do if you don’t like shopping? A lot, actually.

Go on Rides at Nickelodeon Universe

Mall of America has packed an entire theme park into its building. Nickelodeon Universe offers all sorts of rides and attractions for both children and adults, guaranteeing a fun time spent here. There are even several roller coasters that are packed with a surprising amount of adrenaline.

Visit Sea Life at Mall of America

Visit to Sea Life at Mall of America is a must-visit. You will be able to get closer to marine life across 11 exhibitions while also experiencing the unique feel of walking through a 300-feet clear tunnel that is surrounded by freshwater and saltwater creatures.

Catch a Movie at B&B Theaters

Want to relax with a bucket of popcorn and a thrilling movie? You can do that at the Mall of B&B Theaters. You’ll find all the newest movies, and some are even shown in immersive ScreenX format.

Get Something to Eat or Drink

There are 60 restaurants and bars inside Mall of America. If you are not in the mood for any particular activity, getting some food and drinks will still make your time here well spent.