Best Ways to Have Fun in Seattle, Washington Without Spending Any Money

Seattle, Washington
Seattle, Washington. Photo by Stephen Plopper on Unsplash

Looking for ways to have fun in Seattle without spending money? Well, you’re in luck. Despite being dubbed as one of the most expensive cities in the United States, there are all sorts of free things to do and see in Seattle. All you need to know is where to look for them. Check out some below.

Take Part in Seattle Free Walking Tours

You can explore Seattle with a knowledgeable tourist guide without spending a dime. Modeled after voluntary efforts in major European cities, Seattle Free Walking Tours will take you on tour around the city and introduce you to Seattle’s culture and important landmarks for free. Note, however, that voluntary contributions are welcomed.

Enjoy a Free Cultural Event at Seattle Center

Seattle Center organizes all sorts of events year-round, ranging from theater plays and concerts to cultural festivals and movie projections. The majority of them are free for everyone and you can enjoy them as long as there are available seats.

Visit Discovery Park

Discovery Park is the perfect place for outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, zip line, and climbing. Seattle’s most popular green space has many points of interest including the spectacular West Point Lighthouse and Fort Lawton’s historic district.