Budget Airline Ryanair To End Its Era of Low-Price $10 Fares

Ryan Air
Photo by Vadim Sadovski on Unsplash

Ryanair is one of Europe’s leading budget airlines, but it seems its tickets won’t be as cheap as they used to be in the upcoming years. According to its boss, the era of super-cheap air travel is coming to an end and they most likely won’t offer their low-price $10 fares anymore.

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary discussed the current state of airline travel with BBC Radio 4′s Today program and revealed they’ll have to terminate $10 fares in the face of surging oil prices. The company’s cheap promotional fares are set to disappear, so how much will we have to pay for a Ryanair flight?

O’Leary said that the average fare would rise from approximately €40 to €50 over the next five years. He also promised that the company will still offer millions of seats at 19.99, 24.99, and 29.99, which are still pretty cheap prices when compared to regular airlines.

What does this mean for low-budget air travel in general, and will other companies, such as WizzAir and Easy Jet, follow suit? You shouldn’t be surprised if their prices surge as well, but there’s no cause for panic just yet. Low-cost airlines often rely on non-ticket-related offers to make a profit and increase revenue, and they’ll continue doing so in years to come.