Buenos Aires is a Can’t-Miss Destination for Soccer Lovers

Buenos Aires, Argentina is the capital of South American soccer. The home of so many storied clubs like Racing, River Plate, and Boca Juniors and the place where stars like Maradona have shined is a must-visit for soccer fans who are looking to get to know the beautiful game.

The stadiums of Buenos Aires hold the essence of the city’s soccer culture, and you have to make a stop at these three while in the city.

La Bombonera

La Bombonera is the home of Boca Juniors, and it sees one of the most passionate fan bases in the entire sport scream and shout to support their beloved team every weekend. Loud, compact, and intense—you can also visit the club’s museum here if you can’t see a match.

El Monumental

River Plate, Boca Juniors’ eternal rival, has its stadium about 10 miles from its rival’s and boasts one of the biggest and most famous stadiums on Earth. El Monumental holds over 70,000 crazy fans and also had the designation of hosting the 1978 FIFA World Cup final between Argentina and the Netherlands.

El Cilindro de Avellaneda

Escaping the center of Buenos Aires, another historic club in the area is Racing Club de Avellaneda, whose El Cilindro Stadium is another soccer Mecca in the area. This circular-shaped stadium is an unforgettable place to see a match.